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Hot Tub Cover Ultimate


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Hot Tub Cover Ultimate EzShield

• Our Ultimate cover has a thickness of 5 to 3 to assist in moisture run off and ice build up

• We only use the highest density CFC free foam core, which can withstand heavy loads including harsh Northern snowfalls, children and animals. We only use virgin foam cores which are superior to most manufactures.

• All foam is coated and vacuum wrapped with our EzShield technology for Reduced Water Absorption

• We offer the option to double wrap the foam core with a second layer of 6 mil sheeting for added double protection. This is highly recommended

• High- Quality non corrosive zippers and strong polyester thread

• Stitching is all reinforced with over 30 points of internal reinforcement at all high stress and problem areas including our tear free handles

• All our covers come with a Continuous Northern Hinge Seal which fills the entire gap created by the hinge for increased overall insulation. This is a must for an efficient thermal hard cover, so why charge extra? Its included!

• We only use the highest marine grade vinyl with UV & Mildew Inhibitors to keep its look throughout the years

• Tuff Laminated Poly Woven Liner , treated to resist fading and stretching

• We offer the option of an EzShield Reflective Scrim which is an added first line of defence in preventing chemical damage and moisture infiltration. It also reflects heat waves back down into the water, thereby increasing the covers insulating ability

• Backed by a 5 Yr No Nonsense Warranty. All covers over 96" on one dimension is a custom order. Please call for pricing.